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pack tray cover (pull out panel)

The tray cover, also called the @pull out panel@, was laced@to the pack tray with one or two turns of any cotton cord that@would have a breaking strain of fifty pounds.66 Two other ties@served to hold the risers in place within the pack tray. These@were across two grommeted tabs. Finally, the risers were hand@tacked to the bottom of the tray with thread. The@suspension@lines were S-folded and stowed on the bottom of the pack tray@with rubber bands.
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  • The pack tray cover to which the static line is permanently affixed provided a strong loop for connecting the apex of the canopy by break cord. This break cord could be any suitable item as long as its cumulative breaking strain was 100 pounds. That is the apex break tie could be one, two or three turns of something that took 100 pounds to fail such as one loop of No.100 silk tape or three turns of 16-5 linen cord. This apex tie was crucial to prompt deployment as it was intended to draw the canopy out before separating

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