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T5 varsity Assembly (Simplified edition)

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  • Simplified edition T5 Varsity Assembly YT7S

    The second modification ,aka T5 Varsity was made in the winter of 1945 and was far more substantial. This involved sewing new Extended  leg straps into the saddle of the T5 harness and turning it into the T7. These can be identified by the white webbing leg straps on otherwise green harnesses seen in pictures of the 17th Airborne jumping from C-46s in Operation "Varsity". They had 10,000 of these YT7s for the jump over the Rhine.

    the 2Nd pattern OD Normandy T5 harness was made as accurate as possible with the best patrs and webbings I can get.

    Imodified to YT-7 with new white Extended  leg straps. 

    QR BOX is an original  US made B2A, I MODIFIED it ,which works like the  British made can release all 4 lugs.

    New made full circle push button with Grey painted .

    chest straps and lugs.

    the packtray is a simple version.only one layer,but still with steel frame inside. keeps tabs inside are made with cheaper webbing tapes.

    the pullout panel was made like original ,double layers,full length stacic line, repo 5th pattern static hook without safety pin hole.

    the back X belt of the harness were not stiched on pack keepers. buyer should adjust to a comfortable position then do it youself.

    no chute inside the pack,just airbag. will remove when shipping into a  flat box.

    the whole set weight 8Kg.